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Surgical House Compression Stockings / Garments

Surgical House is a SIGVARIS certified fitter and can help you determine which product in the SIGVARIS range is right for you.

Sigvaris Stockings Technology

Who is benefiting from graduated compression?

  • ♦  People who stand or sit daily for long periods of time
  • ♦  People who have been prescribed anticoagulants
  • ♦  People who travel
  • ♦  Pregnant women
  • ♦  People who have had Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • ♦  People who experience swelling in their legs and feet
  • ♦  People with varicose and/or spider veins

SIGVARIS Wellbeing Range

Stockings from this group do not require fitting or medical prescription.


Traveno stocking is the perfect travel companion, promoting circulation in your legs by applying gentle pressure. Traveno will come in handy where ever you go.

The following qualities are what makes this stocking the perfect choice:

  • ♦  Intensive graduated support
  • ♦  Reduces swelling
  • ♦  Breathable and easy to clean
  • ♦  Ideal for long Journeys

Traveno stocking is purely a calf stocking.


Delilah range provides stylish stockings for ‘her’. It actively supports the health of your legs.

This stocking comes in the following range of styles:

  • ♦  Calf
  • ♦  Thigh stay up
  • ♦  Panty
  • ♦  Panty Materna

SIGAVRIS Medical Range

Stockings / Garments from this group do require fitting and medical prescription.


These stocking are made from 100% Supima® cotton to ensure comfort but also ensures that these stockings are breathable and durable. Perfect for everyday wear and for sensitive skin.

The Cotton medical stocking comes in a range of styles:

  • ♦  A-D calf soft top or grip top
  • ♦  A-G Thigh with grip top or with waist attachment
  • ♦  A-T Pantyhose
  • ♦  A-T Maternity Pantyhose


When it comes down to high medical efficiency, safety and effectiveness, the traditional stockings is the reliable choice.

The qualities of this stockings are as follows:

  • ♦  Maximum pressure stability throughout the day
  • ♦  Excellent strength-stretch ratio
  • ♦  Great Medical benefits for safe and successful treatment
  • ♦  High wearing comfort due to elasticity and good air permeability
  • ♦  With refined natural rubber


James stocking is the perfect man’s sock and thanks to the full sole cushioning and integrated odour-inhibiting zinc impregnation, men can maintain fresh smelling feet. This sock includes individual pressure zones that make the stocking easy and straightforward to put on.

James is purely a calf stocking.

ADVANCE Armsleeve

The Advance Armsleeve meets medical efficacy standards and exceeds expectations. SIGVARIS has created a product that ensures compliance and patient comfort.

The following features and benefits are what makes this armsleeve the perfect choice:

  • ♦  Constructed with polyamide microfiber for extreme softness and Anti-bacterial properties
  • ♦  Embedded silver ions aid skin hygiene
  • ♦  Wicks away moisture
  • ♦  New generation Sensinnov grip-top helps prevent friction on sensitive skin of the upper arm

For more information on each of the above mentioned stockings please click here.

Book an Appointment

For all SIGVARIS medical compression garments Surgical House Staff require the customer to attend a fitting appointment. This is to collect the measurements and compression rate required for the garment.

Fitting appointments are held at our showroom and are only available between 8.30am and 10.30am Monday – Friday. These appointments must be booked ahead of time.

**SIGVARIS guarantees the compression level of their garments for 6 months. After that period you may have to make another appointment with us if your compression level or needs have changed.

Please contact us by telephone, email or visit our showroom.

Our telephone is (08) 9381 4199

Our email is surgical@surgicalhouse.com.au

Our shop is located at the Corner of King Edward Rd and Collingwood St Osborne Park WA 6017 and for directions please click here.